Being A Very Good D&D Player

Needless to say, being a very good player is not just about creativity. It’s also about being a team player and playing by the rules. When you were a kid, you probably didn’t like the kid who was a good player but never seemed to understand what playing as a team and playing with a team meant. You probably hated the kid who was bossy all the time, the kid who always told you what to do. Just like when you want to save big on your flight with ctrip promo code, you need to understand the rules on how to avail it.

It’s the same with Dungeons and Dragons. No one really likes the type who’s too bossy. Even with the right skills, there are still some attitudinal things that you need to get straightened out. (Similar to how you need to straighten out details on promo codes when you shop online).

Tips for Being A Better Player


Whatever your character is, never compromise.

Find the fun.

While you don’t have to be riding the joy train to Funtown the entire time (a little bit of frustration can actually increase enjoyment in the long run), don’t torture yourself over this game with elves and wizards. If you’re not having fun, ask yourself why. Can you start having fun without ruining someone else’s fun? Yes? Do it. No? Be patient, but also be willing to talk it out IRL if the not-fun goes on for too long. Just like when think about on “wat te doen in Amsterdam on a weekend” or what to do in Amsterdam on a weekend, you have to find a
way on how to enjoy the game.

Stay invested.

dungeons and dragons

dungeons and dragons

Or, “pay attention when it’s not your turn.” Telling people to pay attention sounds condescending, but everyone gets distracted sometimes. And getting distracted is okay, but try to make sure your focus always comes back to what your friends are doing. They’re trying to be awesome, badass fantasy heroes, they want people to appreciate their own coolness as superheroes. Also, having to ask “what just happened?” all the time slows the game to a crawl.

Know how you want to act.

If you’re playing a Wizard or another class with complex powers, figuring out how your spells work on the fly is a huge task that requires a lot of time spent digging through the Player’s Handbook. An easy way to avoid putting a moratorium on gameplay, figure out what you want to do while other people are taking their turn. You also need to check your game like when “a glasvezel internet postcode check is needed” or a fiber optic internet optic internet
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